Solar technology has been the company’s primary focus for some time. The use of heat pumps and solar thermal solutions in both the household and commercial sectors has proven to offer a considerable saving of up 67% on hot water heating costs. We pride ourselves in being able to offer quality water heating solutions at competitive prices and with quality assured. Our solutions revolve around the use of two different technologies: Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal. For more information on these technologies, please see below.

Solar Thermal

These technologies heat water using direct solar energy.

Heat from the sun directly.

Solar thermal technologies use solar collectors and storage tanks in order to harness energy directly from the sun and convert this into thermal energy. Click here to find out more.

Heat Pumps

These technologies use thermal energy from the surrounding air to heat water.

Ensure affordable thermal energy during both day and night!

A heat pump is an electrical device that can extract heat from one place and transfer it to another. Heat pumps can offer up to 67% in thermal energy savings. Click here to find out more.

Radiation Heating

Radiation heaters emit thermal energy in the same way the sun does – using infra-red rays.

Bring the sun to you!

Instead of transferring heat to the air, these technologies transfer directly to surrounding objects in the form of infra-red rays, resulting in enormous energy savings. Click here to find out more.

What can you Expect to Save when using Heat Pumps or Solar Thermal Heating?

See the guide below to find out.