Grid-Tied Photo-voltaic Systems

  • The most popular type of solar PV system for homes and businesses.
  • An inverter converts the DC power produced by the solar array to AC power needed to run normal electrical equipment.
  • The solar generated electricity is fed into the existing electrical installation.
  • A separate two-way energy meter prevents excess solar electricity to feed back into the grid.

Grid-Feed Photo-voltaic Systems

  • Similar to the Grid-Tied system.
  • A separate two-way meter allows any excess solar electricity produced to be sold back to the provider.
  • This is done at the same rate as the provider buys in from ESKOM.
  • An additional daily fee is charged by the provider for the service.
  • A new two-way digital meter is installed by the provider.
  • Only up to half of the electricity you consume may be sold back to the provider.

Increased Self-consumption

A battery system can be added to a grid-tied / grid-feed PV installation. This enables power to be stored from the solar panels and used during the night time or power failure. Battery systems are easily added to existing systems after they have already been installed.
Energy independence and environmental compatibility are two attractive features of PV systems. The fuel (sunlight) is free, and no noise or pollution is created from operating PV systems. In general, PV systems that are well designed and properly installed require minimal maintenance and have long service lifetimes.